Travelinds Top 10: Beach Travel Items

Travelinds Top 10

Beach Travel Items

Travelinds has experienced a range of different beach trips and the following are items that we really cannot go without aside from swimsuits and suncream (*cue drum roll…*):

1. Sarong

It’s versatile, light-weight and easy to pack into a small space.  Sarongs are good as a towel, a sun cover, a beach blanket, clothing and a cover against mosquitoes in the evenings.

2016-04-19 09.22.17

2 Hat

Hats are an obvious item, but also one that saves a face from a world of pain and long-term sun damage.  Hats can generally be easily replaced if forgotten or lost, except on isolated tropical islands like we visited in the Philippines.  Hats protect your face against the sun and rain (and cover a bad hair day, too!).


3. Sunglasses

Light-coloured eyes will thank you for some extra protection from the harsh glare of the sun.  They are also quite stylish, if you’re into that sort of thing, and, without sunglasses, you wouldn’t be able to take an amazing sunset photo like this one in Gili Air…

Sunglasses sunset

4. Rash vest

This is one of the best investments we’ve made for any water activities – good sun protection, as well as an extra guard against stinging water creatures and plants.

2016-04-26 11.23.33

5. Hammock

You can sit down, lie down, swing, sleep, read and daydream.  It keeps your feet clean, your books out of the sand and a breeze through your hair. You can string it up in the shade, anywhere, anytime. Also, your swimsuit can dry on both sides. What’s not to love?


6. Snorkel and Mask

Having our own snorkel and mask with us has been a great idea.  It allows a lot more freedom to explore the underwater surroundings at each beach without having to rent it (or miss out completely).  It is also helpful to have some goggles (like the kind you’d use in a pool) as a backup for long swims.


7. Dry Bag

Whether for a boat tour, a water transfer, a ski trip or a dive, the dry bag is usually a good idea to avoid general spray and the odd freak wave soak.  Cameras, cellphones, wallets and books will thank you later.

Dry Bag

8. Refill water

The amount of plastic in our precious oceans is shocking and disgusting, and we can make a difference every single day. Take your muggy along rather than buying plastic bottles along the way. Being environmentally responsible tourists is a daily choice and one of these decisions is to use water refill stations (or decant from large recyclable refills for the duration of your trip) rather than buying more plastic waste.  Incidentally, it will also save you money. For example, on Gili Meno (Indonesia), the price of a 1.5-litre plastic water bottle was 5,000 IRP and the price of a 19-litre (5 gallon) refill water tank was 22,000 IRP (excluding a deposit). That’s a 65% saving on the price per litre if you ditch the 1.5-litre bottles and choose the 19-litre refill instead (about 4 days worth for the two of us).


9. E-reader

This little device has truly changed the way that I read both at home and abroad.  Travelling with it is easy and this means I read more wherever I am, at any time of the day or night.  Books are still amazing, but an e-reader allows me to carry around my whole library, use it at night in places without electricity and read more than one book at a time without taking up more precious space in my small backpack.  The world needs to read more – do your part!


10. Camera

Obviously, a camera is an essential item to capture the beauty of all your travel destinations, like this sunset at the Tip of Borneo.  You can share it with others, and refresh your memories as the years go by.  Together with a dry bag or sand-friendly cover, keep some extra batteries and a universal adapter so you can recharge it easily.


Armed with Travelinds Top 10: Beach Travel Items you are ready for any beach in the world – and there are some breathtaking beaches out there, no matter where on God’s beautiful green earth you go!  Check you on the flip side.

What are you favourite beach travel items? Travelinds would love if you left us a comment below!

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