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Howzit and welcome to Linds.co.za. – home of the adventure-loving Linds from South Africa.  Join us on this exciting journey as Travelinds discovers beautiful new places and faces around the world.

Living in South Africa, the Linds hail from Norwegian-Swedish-Scottish descent – an interesting bunch with enough stories to fill a couple of books (or a website).

Virtue always flourishes


One thought on “About Us

  • 9th March 2016 at 2:24 am

    Hey There! My name is Christina Lind. I am and was busy with my family Genealogy on familysearch.com and came across your page. I think its pretty cool and would like to ask about the family’s history.

    A little about me: I grew up in Cape Town, SA and moved recently to the states. Missing Table Mountain and the rich culture but doing pretty well here. My Grandfather was a Lind but he passed away before i could ask him more about the family. Apparently we have ties to Jenny Lind ( the opera singer?). Still trying to figure out the ties.

    Thanks for the blog and will check in now and then 🙂




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