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Linds.co.za supports these heroes who are making a difference in the world (like in Matthew 25:40).


                             http://mavunocongo.org/25:40 We Care                             Different.org

Mavuno is a nonprofit organization that                        We Care is part of the 25:40                                      Different.org is a more than your average 

started by our friends Dan and David.                            initiative in South Africa. You                                    South African insurance company. It makes

Mavuno empowers communities and                             help South Africa’s poorest by                                    it possible to use your good fortune to serve

village leaders to end extreme poverty in the                supporting 25:40 and buying a                                  communities and NGO’s around the country.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).                      “We care about…” t-shirt.                                            They really are different.

Check it out…                                                                        Check it out…                                                                Check it out…     


Greensleeves Place of Safety for Children is situated in East London, South Africa.  It is a trust that was started many years ago by Di and Ian Lehy and has given South Africa’s abandoned and hurting children a loving home.  Read more about their story here…

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