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5 Dec 2013

Sawubona, Dumela, Molo, Hoegaanit, Howzit, Yo, Hello!
Since we are so passionate about South Africa, it felt appropriate to start a series of South African travel posts on this sad day, the final passing of our former president, Nelson Mandela (8 July 1918 – 5 December 2013).

South Africa is a land of beauty, energy, diversity, struggle, victory and determination – and where Travelinds calls home.  It boasts a wide array of cultures, 11 official languages, colourful traditions and an indescribable natural beauty.  Its recent history is filled with rage and confusion, its present is filled with tenacious endurance and the future of this ‘Rainbow Nation’ is yet to be determined.

Over the next few months, we’ll post a series of our favourite places to go in South Africa – there are so many! It’s the perfect destination for honeymooners, families, groups of friends, hikers, adrenaline junkies, curious travellers, destination weddings and nature enthusiasts.

There is so much to tell.

Our home, our South Africa.


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